Grupo Alba

Nowadays, taking into account globalization and the need to diversify markets around the world, Mexico is seeking international companies interested in expanding its operations to the Latam Oil & Gas market.

It is clear that Latam Oil & Gas Operators will require in the near future to increase offshore activities and more sophisticated products and services that support these activities. Your company’s expertise and unique knowledge in the field can make a contribution. These types of products/services will be needed rather soon than later.

Hence, as a first step, your company will need an expert with experience in the field that could help in the initial marketing actions needed to comply with the company's global initiative.

Alba Enterprises has focused its business activities in the Latam Oil & Gas market. Alba Enterprises has more than two decades of experience in the field by bringing together, through trade shows, conventions, conferences, working meetings and virtual tools, the solutions required in this dynamic energy sector.